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The quickest way to test your bat detector microphone. The Microphone Tester Pulse can be used to test microphones of BATSCANNER and BATLOGGER devices. 

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Not in stock

Active ultrasonic microphone for BATLOGGER A, A+, M, C.

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Suitable for BATLOGGER and BATLOGGER M with and without Strongbox.

Microphone not included.

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Microphone extension 2 meters. Compatible with BATLOGGER and BATLOGGER M.

Microphone not included

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Do you want to install the BATLOGGER in the field for a longer time?
The Strongbox allows the long-term surveillance and monitoring of bat habitats.


  • Strongbox S
  • 3 battery packs
  • microphone cable
  • charging cable

(BATLOGGER not included)

27.4 cm x 24.8 cm x 12.25 cm

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