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Active ultrasonic microphone for BATLOGGER A, A+, M, C.

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Li-Ion battery pack for BATLOGGER A+ and BATLOGGER C.

Technical features:

  • Li-ion technology
  • 7.2V, 6900mAh/49.7Wh
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MC32, the microphone cable with integrated tone generator offers a reliable, unattended operation. With daily test measurements the functioning of the microphone can be monitored and quickly responded to any defects or sensitivity reduction.

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With the external charger the batteries are charged independently of the BATLOGGER C or A+.

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The quickest way to test your bat detector microphone. The Microphone Tester Pulse can be used to test microphones of BATSCANNER and BATLOGGER devices. 

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The security set for BATLOGGER A+ is made of stainless steel and prevents the device from manipulations and theft, or can be used to mount device in the field.

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Replacement microphone cable for BATLOGGER A, A+ and C.

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